Pin Attachments for Name Badges and Name Tags

Choose Simple to Fasten Name Tag Pin Attachments

High-quality name badges are crucial for making the right statement for your organization. However, it is equally crucial to choose superior name badge pins or attachments to affix them. The attachments for your name badges should have a superior design that will prevent them from falling off or tearing clothing during movement. They should also be compact and functional in order to avoid interfering with the outward design of the badge. No matter how energetic and fast-paced your work environment may be, the Stoffel pin attachment for name badges is a reliable way to ensure that your badges stay in place and remain a classy representation of your business's brand and identity.

Pin Attachment





Our Standard Preferred Pin Attachment:

  • Is the traditional pin attachment for our name badges.
  • Has a patented, one-of-a-kind design that molds the name badge with the pin.
  • Is sturdy and functional.
  • Is simple to fasten and unfasten.
  • Comes with our classic, full color and custom styles of badges.
Whether your business is in need of high-quality name badges with our preferred pin attachment or if you’d prefer a sleek magnetic attachment or bulldog clip, you will find the best choices available at




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