Name Badge Attachments

Alternative Name Badge Attachments

Tydenbrooks provides quality name badge pins to businesses in need of unique identification tags. Displaying a name tag of any type is an absolute necessity for every business for safety, identification, and professionalism. Finding the most suitable name badge attachments begins with the understanding of what options are available.

Application and Backing Variety

Items that are created with a simple pin design create an easy, reliable attachment to any type of garment. Name badge pins feature an in-mold design to ensure durability and the highest quality available. There is no additional cost for this option; however, name badge magnets will cost a minimal fee. These can be applied and removed with ease by placing the magnet under a shirt or blouse. This keeps clothing in perfect shape, without wearing down thin materials from constant use.

Alternative Name Badge Attachments

Name badge lanyards can be comfortably worn around the neck to identify employees, as well as visitors, with quick personalization. A name badge bull clip can be attached to a pocket or sturdy piece of material. There are some things to keep in mind when using bull clips, such as leaving temporary imprints on clothing left by name badge bull clips. For maximum protection of tags worn on sheer or delicate materials, name badge magnets and lanyards are the safest choice to meet the needs of every employee.

Any company in need of name tags should contact a service representative today for assistance with an order. They can address all concerns, including the option to order name badge lanyards or bull clips.




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